We are committed to solving our client problems as if they were our own.  
  This means that we will find the right technological solution for you. Our technical personnels are professionally trained to provide the support required by our valued clients.  
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Here at Panca Indra Komputer, the focus is on you, our customer. In the years that we has been in this industry, we have gradually grown from a simple installation company into a product manufacture. We aim to offer you our expert product perform installation of the highest standards for you.
What do we offer?
Our product is simple; to provide the environment and equipment for you and your clients to reach the right decisions.
After all, shouldn't technology be serving you?
System integration / solution provider (detail)
High speed network infrastructure (detail)
Network management and security (detail)
Third- Party product (detail)
Engineering Service (detail)
Business Partner and Products (details)
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